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Thunder In the City

Here with the big man himself, Sam Childers (Machine Gun Preacher) at the 15th annual Thunder in the City - Angels of East Africa, a bikers event to raise funds for Sam's work rescuing children in Uganda. Nick and Aaron spent some time with his crew in Pennsylvania, playing three sets of Soulchase music for the event as well as checking out some nice looking bikes around and meeting other christian musicians, such as Steve Grace and his son Jordan and also Gary Lane (CBN international correspondent and news director/reporter).

Sam Childers is dedicated to saving children around the world. His main focus is his mission work in East Africa, with Angels of East Africa (AOEA). With the help of donations, orphanages are in Ethiopia, South Sudan and Uganda, feeding over 13,000 meals a day. Angels of East Africa is a non-profit entirely dependent on donations. Make a donation today and help Machine Gun Preacher to create a better world for those in need.

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