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Above Storms (Part 1)

Updated: 3 days ago

Have you heard about the eagle?

The eagle is the only creature in the animal kingdom that will head straight toward the tumultous skies, taking to flight through wind, rain, thunder, lightning & debris - in a brave resolve to RISE ABOVE THE STORM.

The eagle holds a wisdom other creatures don't know.

It has discovered the secret of higher ways.

It acknowledges there is another reality.

Regardless of what its senses are telling it; the noise, feel, sight, smell and taste of the storm, the eagle believes that FLYING HIGHER is all it must do.

With full determination it ventures into the heart of the storm and shoots straight up through the middle of the storm into the upper expanse above, there finding clear blue skies.

The eagle can teach us how to face and conquer the storms in our path.

Here are some insights from the story of the eagle:

  1. Our reality can be different - there are higher ways

  2. Face adversity head-on by taking responsibility for your direction - don't run or hide

  3. Maintain resilience throughout the drama and pain of the stormy circumstances

  4. 'Knowing' what's on the other side, is your hope & your breakthrough

  5. Understand you belong in freedom and your heart can experience peace

In the next few posts we'll take a deeper look at each of these insights.

We hope this blesses you and equips you to tackle life when its at its hardest.

No facades.

Just real grit.

The album title, "Above Storms", is inspired by the resilience of the eagle during a storm.

We invite you to take a listen to soulchase music - New Album "Above Storms" in the 'listen here' section.

Artwork by Lorissa Manners

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