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Prize Draw & Song Competition

Best or Funniest Song Write!

Online Instrumental Shred Off!!

Grand Slam Video Entry!

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Winners Announced At
Kingdom 2 Coast Concert Event!


Instructions For Entry:

1. Read Instructions for Category Entry 
2. Choose Category & Create
2. Enter Competition by clicking on button

3. Get Your Ticket to Kingdom 2 Coast Event
4. Come to the concert to find out if you've won!

It's not too late - there's a
Round 2 for Feb 2024
Concert events held quarterly,
so still enter in!

Best Original Song!




Write some lyrics. You’ll need a verse, and a chorus. You can even add a bridge which connects the two. 


How long should it be?

Verses could be 8 lines long and sound a bit like a poem.

A chorus can be shorter… 4 or 6 lines can be great. 

Does the song need to have a hook? (a line in the song that pops out as special and/or makes a punchy statement) - this is best in the chorus. 


Here are some good questions you can ask yourself:

(And remember to check your song with a few friends or family members before you send it in so that it is really ready for competition!)

Questions for your song entry:


Do you have a theme? You can write about something you love or perhaps a christmas song!

Can you make it funny? (it doesn’t have to be)

Do the words and phrases make sense? Does it flow?

Is it simple and punchy in the chorus?

Do we know what the song is about? Does it tell a story? 

Does it have heart and soul? Does it connect to our emotions? 


Remember less than 2 weeks to go! Get your entry in quick!



The Epic Instrumental Shred off!




Prepare a few solo riffs on any instrument so that we can hear you play in our online young muso’s shredomaster extravaganza!! Enter & we'll give more details of date & time. 


Aim for about thirty seconds to a minute of play time on your instrument, no more than 4 minutes of freestyle playing needed. 


We need you to tell us how long you’ve been learning and whether you think your performance level is beginner, intermediate, or advanced so that we can keep the competition fair and square.


Remember less than 2 weeks to go! Get your entry in quick!


The Grand Slam Performance Video Entry!



Send in a small video of yourself playing/singing a song you’ve already learnt.


Aim for a two minute song so that it’s not too hard to upload. 


We’ll divide the competition into beginner, intermediate and advanced, then award accordingly. 


Remember less than 2 weeks to go! Get your entry in quick!

Hosted by:

Nick Reeve 

Lead Guitarist/Drummer

Singer/Songwriter/Music Producer

Band: Soulchase

Lorissa Humble

Concert Pianist

Singer/Song Writer/Music Teacher

Band: Soulchase

Aaron Partridge

International Song Writing Winner

Singer/Guitarist/Music Producer

Band: Brothers of Redemption


$100 Voucher From Music at Noosa 

$100 Voucher from Infinite Music

Screen Shot 2023-10-20 at 8.52.25 am.png

$100 Voucher from Mooloolaba Music

$500 Voucher From Soulchase 

Also on offer:
Record your first single and/or EP with Nick 
Musicianship Level-up Masterclass with Lorissa
Masterclass Songwriting Session with Aaron

Winners Announced At 
Kingdom 2 Coast Concert Event!

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