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Kingdom 2 Coast Worship Event

We had our first K2C Worship Event. It was a great night of original christian music from some of our best local christian bands here on the sunshine coast, QLD, Australia.

We showcased the music of:

River Movement,

Southside Gospel Revue,

Aaron Partridge and the Brothers of Redemption,


K2C are beginning to run quarterly events around the Coast with a target crowd of families and music lovers.  Our next event will be a Summer Worship Festival planned for mid feb 2024.

The vision behind K2C is to foster new original christian music and to pay bands above secular scene rates for gigs, to encourage the up-and-coming generation of Christan music writers, recorders, producers and performers to come forward!!

We are taking new ground and providing a platform for the christian creative arts to flourish here on the Sunshine Coast.

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